Land Acquisition Criteria

RedBridge Capital’s land investments will target areas of active campus growth, directly in the path of development activity, and mature enough for development within a two to four year time frame. Land investments will primarily focus on high quality student housing sites in need of capital infusion.

The investments will also target notes, JV opportunities, GP sponsor equity positions and other structures on a case by case basis.


Market: California-Nevada-Arizona-Texas (“CANT” States) and selected Western markets

Transaction Size: Urban land $5-50 million; Collegetown land $5-15 million

Location: Within 0.4 mile of any major University campus (20,000+ enrollment)

Criteria: Core site within walking distance to campus that will benefit from development/re-development

Investment Hold Period: 5 to 10 years

Capital Structure: All land acquisitions will be all cash purchases. No leverage.

Investment Type: fee simple, performing/non-performing loans, mezzanine debt, partnership interests,
loan assumptions, multi-property portfolios and REO inventory

Broker Relationships: RedBridge Capital will provide fee protection to brokers that bring off-market transactions to the firm and will give first priority for the re-sale, leasing and management services of brokerage firms that procure transactions for the firm (at customary local market rates).

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